Basic Information

Main Activity

The main activity of the Company for production of electricity and heat TE-TO AD Skopje is operation of Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant with basic products electricity and heat.

Average capacity of the power plant is 220 MW for electricity generation and up to 160 MW for heat production.

TE-TO AD Skopje is first Independent Power Producer (IPP) supplying electricity to the market in the Republic of North Macedonia and the region, but also participates in international markets.

Heat generated within the production process of the plant is transferred to the Skopje city district heating system.


TE-TO AD is a joint stock company established in 2005 by foreign and domestic investors. The main activity of the company TE-TO AD Skopje is cogeneration production of electricity and heat in the so-called combined cycle. The final inspection of the production authorization plant was performed in May 2011, while the license for production of electricity and heat was issued on February 24, 2012, when the plant started commercial operation.

The plant was built by an international consortium consisting of GAMA Power Systems (Turkey) and Alstom Ltd (Switzerland) on the basis of a turnkey project agreement, in whose hands was the overall engineering, procurement and construction of the plant, while following domestic and international standards.