TE-TO AD Skopje is the biggest private investment in energy sector in Republic of North Macedonia, and to date is the only one. Agreement was signed in 2007, while the Investment was supported by LandesBank Berlin (LBB).

Financial construction for the CCPP was awarded by the Trade finance for Contract of the year for 2007. Financial support in amount of 167 mil. EURO was raised for construction of CCPP for production of electricity and heat, so called “clean energy” in the city of Skopje.

Plan for realization of the CCPP project was initiated based on the lack of power in Republic of North Macedonia, where considered was significant role of the CCPP in providing stability and opportunity for economic growth not only in the country, but also in the region. Following the world trends in provision of electricity and increased tendencies for use of renewable energy sources, and it definitely puts this project on the map of desirable and sustainable projects, what enables possibilities for planning and realization of new similar projects or adjustment of already existing.