Vision and Mission and achieved results

Vision The vision of TE-TO AD is to remain a dependable, reliable, safe, competitive and environmentally friendly source of electricity and heat, which promptly and professionally adapts to market conditions and the strict requirements of customers and society for a cleaner environment. The constant efforts for quality, improvement of the employee’s professional attitude and their continuous education, as well as implementation of energy-efficient solutions will contribute to  positioning of TE-TO AD higher on the energy market.

Mission The mission of TE-TO AD is to ensure that customers receive high-quality energy produced in a highly-efficient, environmentally friendly power plant, in a way that contributes to the sustainable development. Satisfaction of customers, shareholders and business partners is an indicator of the company developing in the right direction, lead by professionalism and employee commitment. The mission of TE-TO AD is to maintain and improve the process of electricity and heat production, as well as continuously to contribute to maintaining a stable energy system of the Republic of North Macedonia. Additionally, considering that  Company is customer oriented, improvement of customers’ trust is of the highest priority and importance for the Company. Professionalism, quality and efficiency in fulfilling the obligations result in satisfied customers. In this regard is the company’s mission, to remain dedicated to continuous improvement of the electricity and heat production, in order to provide a reliable, energy efficient and highly environmentally friendly source of energy for the customers.

Achieved results The achieved results given below correspond to the vision of the company, according to which the mission is realized. The company’s focus in terms of EE trading is on the continuous expansion of the network of trading partners. The total list of trading partners of TE-TO AD Skopje currently has about 30 companies, including the largest trading companies in Europe. The emphasis is on maintaining excellent contacts of TE-TO AD Skopje with all its partners. TE-TO AD Skopje is a modern company that applies all market products available on the market, including buying / selling electricity at the level of several quarters in advance, up to the intraday level. In addition, the company is active in the state market of system services. TE-TO AD Skopje is one of the few companies in Republic of North Macedonia that uses financial instruments to hedge risks. In this way the company cooperates with international companies of world renown.

         The technical and technological characteristics of the plant can provide “Availability” of the power plant over 90%, if the situation on the electricity market is favorable. The indicator “Unplanned unavailability” which is an indicator of equipment outages and incidents during operation has a project value of less than 1% and is declining in the last two years due to investment in better spare equipment and timely and efficient response of the trained company staff.    The indicator “startup reliability” is with a projected value over 98%, but in the last 3 by optimizing the startup profile values ​​of 100% are achieved.     The indicator “Balance”, which is a deviation of the produced electricity from the nominee, indicates the efficient planning of the daily production of electricity and heat. This factor is in a constant tendency of improvement over the years and is significantly below the projected value, respectively below 1%.