New LED lights in TE-TO

In order to achieve better efficiency i.e. decreasing of the self-consumption of the plant, in 2016 TE-TO replaced part of the existing lights with mercury lamps each with power of 250 W with new lights with LED lamps each with power of 120 W from the last generation. With the new LED lights it is achieved reduction of electricity consumption by 52% (13 666 kWh spent less electricity) and annual savings of amount to 57 EUR per light. It is also important to note that the lifetime of these lamps is more than 60 000 hours, or after 60,000 hours only 10% of installed lamps will not meet the criteria for a light output greater than 80%. Thus, maintenance costs for replacement of the bulbs, which are installed on high and hardly accessible places, will be reduced and hence the benefit is even higher.

The manufacturer’s guarantee of the lights is 6 years, so the techno-economic analysis shows that the ROI for the new LED lights is 3 years.

Due to the positive feedback of this Project, TE-TO plans to replace the existing classical street lights with new LED lights from the newest generation.